Is Final International University accredited and internationally recognized? This is a question posed by many international students interested in studying at this university.

Academic accreditation serves as evidence of the quality of education, paving the way for graduates to successfully pursue their careers after graduation and providing them with diverse opportunities for study and work worldwide.

In the following paragraphs, Study More educational agency provides all the information regarding the accreditation and recognition of Final International University (FIU).


Is Final International University Accredited?

Yes, Final International University is internationally recognized and accredited by leading educational institutions worldwide. This opens doors for its graduates to pursue further studies at globally recognized universities, as well as opportunities for employment across the world.


Is Final International University recognized in Morocco?

The International Final University (FIU) is recognized in the Arab Maghreb region, including Morocco.


Global Ranking of Final International University

Final International University is a young institution, established in 2015. Despite its recent establishment, it has made significant progress in a short period, emerging as a competitor to universities worldwide with its modern curriculum and rigorous education.

Final International University is ranked 10,233 among global universities. Regarding its ranking in Cyprus, it holds the 7th position locally.

Moreover, it has received several international accreditations and recognitions, affirming the quality of its education. Its academic programs keep pace with scientific advancements and global changes, taught by distinguished faculty who have obtained their degrees from prestigious universities worldwide.

All these advantages enable graduates of Final International University to obtain internationally recognized degrees, opening doors to success in various fields, both professionally and academically.


Is Final International University Accredited
Is Final International University Accredited


International Accreditations of FIU

Final International University has received numerous international recognitions, confirming its commitment to providing high-quality education according to global standards. Among the academic accreditations obtained by Final International University:

  • Accreditation from the Higher Education Council in Turkey (YÖK).
  • Accreditation from the Higher Education Council in Northern Cyprus (YÖDAK).
  • Accreditation certificate from the European Agency Eurhoqual to ensure the quality of higher education.
  • Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs (EPDAD).

Furthermore, Final International University participates in international programs and projects with prestigious universities worldwide, enhancing its global standing and offering its students new horizons and unique opportunities for student exchange and communication with different cultures.


Some of the notable partnerships of Final International University include:

  • Agreement with Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, indicating recognition of Final International University in Morocco.
  • Agreement with Ulster University in the United Kingdom.
  • Agreement with Maltepe University in Istanbul, Turkey.


Exceptional Advantages of Studying at Final International University

Final International University in Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of academic programs in various fields, competing with the best international universities with its programs.

Here are some of the exceptional advantages of Final International University (FIU):

  • Final International University offers diverse majors, and its modern curricula keep pace with changes and updates in various fields to meet the requirements of the global job market.
  • FIU students acquire skills and experiences that qualify them to work in top companies and institutions worldwide.
  • FIU graduates can pursue higher studies at major international universities.
  • The university provides students with an advanced learning environment equipped with the latest technologies, facilities, and laboratories.
  • The university enjoys an exceptional location in the coastal city of Kyrenia, known for its safety, stability, charming nature, and pleasant atmosphere.
  • FIU’s tuition fees are reasonable and competitive with international universities. Moreover, the university strives to alleviate the financial burden on its students by offering various scholarships covering all specialties and departments.
  • Various safe and comfortable housing options are available.
  • Restaurants, cafes, diverse sports facilities, and medical services are provided.
  • Dedicated services and supportive facilities are available for students with special needs.


If you aspire to a bright future promising limitless academic and professional opportunities, Final International University is an ideal choice for those seeking academic and professional success on a global level.

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