Exploring the cost of studying in Turkish Cyprus is a crucial aspect for students aspiring to pursue education there. Turkish Cypriot universities have gained recognition as prominent academic destinations for international students, including those from Arab countries and various parts of the world. In this article, Study More will delve into detailed information regarding the complete tuition fees in Turkish Cyprus.


Studying in Turkish Cyprus

In recent years, universities in Northern Cyprus have achieved significant success across various levels and fields, attracting the attention of students aspiring to study abroad. They have become a primary destination for international students, with tens of thousands choosing to study there. Moreover, the strategic location of Northern Cyprus between Europe and the Middle East, its moderate climate, and its status as a tourist island with breathtaking natural beauty have further enhanced its appeal as an educational destination.

Additionally, the state provides facilities to foreign students in essential matters such as health insurance and accommodation, and licensed companies like Study More are available to assist students with their needs.


Advantages of studying in Northern Cyprus

There are numerous advantages worth mentioning when discussing Turkish Cypriot universities as they are renowned global educational institutions offering an advanced educational system and a plethora of opportunities for prospective students. Here are the key advantages of studying in Turkish Cyprus:


1.  Tuition Fees in Turkish Cyprus

One of the most prominent aspects to discuss is the affordable tuition fees of Turkish Cypriot universities compared to their counterparts in Arab countries, Europe, and Turkey. They are among the most affordable universities globally in terms of study costs for various disciplines.


2.  Scholarships in Turkish Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot universities offer scholarships for full payment, commonly known as “buying a seat.” This means you can secure university admission and pay tuition fees once for the entire duration of your studies. This approach can save you a significant amount of money since these scholarships are considerably cheaper than the original tuition fees.


3.  Discounts and Reductions

Our company, Study More, provides a variety of significant discounts for students enrolled through us in Turkish Cypriot universities. These discounts apply to most majors and universities, ranging from 25% to 75%. You can contact our advisors for more information about the discounts through our WhatsApp number.


4.  Teaching Quality

Despite being among the cheapest universities globally, Turkish Cypriot universities maintain a high academic standard in teaching. This offers you a crucial combination of affordability and academic excellence, making them an appealing choice. Furthermore, they have rankings among the top universities worldwide.


5.  Recognitions of Turkish Cypriot Universities

Turkish Cypriot universities hold numerous local and international recognitions and accreditations. These include recognition by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Council of North Cyprus (YÖDAK). You can find more information about these recognitions and accreditations in an article on accredited universities in Northern Cyprus.


6.  Academic Excellence Opportunities

Turkish Cypriot universities strive to provide the best services for their students, including state-of-the-art infrastructure, diverse study programs, and the opportunity to participate in the European student exchange program, ERASMUS, allowing students to study at any European university for two semesters.


Academic Excellence Opportunities


Study costs in Turkish Cyprus

We have previously mentioned that the cost of studying in Northern Cyprus is affordable. However, alongside this advantage, the most notable feature is the convenient installment of tuition fees. This means that you can pay the tuition fees in three installments when you enroll in the first year. What’s even better is that in subsequent years, you can request your university to divide the annual payment into five installments.

Now, you must be wondering about the fees for different majors at universities. Here are the costs of the top universities in Turkish Cyprus, ranked by quality and comprehensiveness in various fields of study.


The cost of studying at Near East University

NEU has emerged as the leading university in Northern Cyprus, with a strong curriculum that has made it the best university in Northern Cyprus. It currently has 16 faculties offering hundreds of majors, with over 75,000 students from more than 100 nationalities around the world.


Studying at the Near East University
Studying at the Near East University


Undergraduate fees at Near East University

The university offers a diverse range of academic disciplines, and it is considered the most affordable university for studying engineering, with fees amounting to 2,665 euros per year. The annual fees for studying human medicine are 11,380 euros, while dentistry is close to an annual fee of 10,330 euros. As for veterinary medicine, the fees are only 4,240 euros.


Postgraduate fees at Near East University

Near East University is known for its wide range of available disciplines in both master’s and doctoral programs. The doctoral program fees range from 2,000 to 3,200 euros per semester, depending on the field of study. What sets it apart in the doctoral program is the presence of disciplines taught in the open education system with semester fees not exceeding 675 euros. As for the cost of studying a master’s degree at Near East University, it starts from 1,170 euros per semester and can go up to 1,600 euros per semester, depending on the field of study. The fees for studying in the open education system are 300 euros per semester.


The cost of studying at Kyrenia University

It is impossible to talk about NEU without mentioning Kyrenia University, which emerged from it. It now shares and competes with NEU in several aspects such as research centers, external accreditations, academic disciplines, and much more. Kyrenia stands out from Near East University by being located in one of the most beautiful historical cities in Northern Cyprus.

As for the tuition fees at Kyrenia University, it is known for being the most affordable university for studying human medicine in Northern Cyprus, with annual fees not exceeding 6,300 euros. The same applies to dentistry, as it is among the best and most affordable universities in terms of teaching, with an annual fee of only 5,800 euros. The fees for engineering and other majors are 2,800 euros per year.


Kyrenia University
Kyrenia University


The cost of studying at Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU) was established in 2017. Despite being a relatively new university, it has achieved remarkable success, making it one of the most attractive universities for international students in recent years. This is primarily due to its affiliation with the Bahçeşehir Educational Institutions, which has a presence in 9 countries around the world.

The university offers several disciplines in diverse faculties, including engineering, economics, and law. The tuition fee for engineering studies is $3,025 per year, and the same applies to other majors. As for the master’s degree tuition fees, it is $375 per course.


The cost of studying at Cyprus International University (CIU)

CIU is considered one of the best and most prestigious universities in Northern Cyprus. It hosts over 22,000 students from 110 different countries around the world in its twenty faculties. Additionally, it houses the largest sports facility in Turkish Cyprus, as well as numerous research and study centers.


Undergraduate tuition fees at Cyprus International University (CIU)

The university offers a wide range of disciplines in various faculties. The tuition fees for pharmacy are 4,099 euros per year, while the fees for medical studies are 6,654 euros. The fees for dentistry are affordable at 5,499 euros per year. As for engineering and other majors, the tuition fees amount to 3,098 euros.


Postgraduate tuition fees at Cyprus International University (CIU)

The cost of studying for a master’s degree at the university is 3,500 euros in most fields, which include engineering, healthcare, and social sciences. As for doctoral studies, the tuition fees are 6,500 euros.


Tuition fees at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

EMU is located in Famagusta and is a modern and prestigious university that offers instruction in both English and Turkish. Its faculties, which exceed 12 in number, are staffed by distinguished academic lecturers from 35 different countries

As for the cost of studying at Eastern Mediterranean University, the tuition fees for engineering programs are 5,847 dollars. Similar fees apply to most other fields of study. The tuition fees for the Faculty of Health Sciences are 8,194 dollars per year, while the pharmacy program has tuition fees of 8,682 euros.


Finally, to obtain more information about the study costs at Turkish Cypriot universities and the major discounts and scholarships available through our company, Study More, please contact our advisors for a free consultation that will assist you in obtaining the best admission at the lowest price. You can reach us through our WhatsApp number.


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