Northern Cyprus is a significant island in the Mediterranean Sea, blending education with tourism, as it stands as a captivating destination attracting students and tourists alike.

In this article by the educational agency ‘Study More’ we shed light on Northern Cyprus regarding its strategic geographic location, rich history, stunning coastal cities, and international universities. Together, we’ll explore what makes it an ideal destination for higher education and tourist expeditions.


Geographical location of Northern Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, also known as the Republic of North Cyprus or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, enjoys a strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea, situated in the northern part of the island of Cyprus.


History of the Republic of Northern Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established on November 15, 1983, following the raising of the Turkish flag in the northern city of Lefkoşa (Nicosia). It is a self-declared state in the northern part of the island of Cyprus.

The complex history of the island reflects the impact of long ages and multiple empires that have successively controlled it. In ancient times, it was under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, then the Crusaders, followed by the Venetians, and later the Ottoman Empire.

In 1878, the island passed from Ottoman rule to British colonization, remaining so until Cyprus gained independence in 1960. Despite gaining independence, ethnic disputes between Greeks and Turks on the island persisted.

Turkey intervened militarily in 1974 following a Greek-backed coup aiming to unite Cyprus with Greece. These events led to the effective division of Cyprus into:

The Republic of Cyprus in the south, internationally recognized.

The self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north.

Since then, Northern Cyprus has been recognized by Turkey.

The history of Northern Cyprus is complex and deeply rooted in ethnic, political, and historical tensions. Efforts for reconciliation and a lasting solution to the Cyprus problem remain ongoing but challenging due to the complexities and differing aspirations of both communities.


The most important cities in Turkish Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus encompasses several notable cities, including:

  • Lefkoşa (Nicosia): It serves as the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • Gazimağusa (Famagusta): One of the prominent coastal cities in Northern Cyprus, renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Girne – Kyrenia: Located on the eastern coast of Turkish Cyprus, it stands as one of the region’s significant historical tourist cities.
  • Karpass Peninsula: An ideal place for archaeology enthusiasts, resembling a museum hosting several ancient cities, temples, tombs, and Byzantine artifacts.

These cities offer distinct cultural, historical, and geographical attributes that contribute to the diverse appeal of Turkish Cyprus.


Turkish Cyprus – an ideal tourist destination

The unique charm and historical allure of Turkish Cyprus creates a picturesque artwork blending breathtaking nature with a rich cultural heritage. It attracts tourists from around the world, inviting them to explore and revel in its natural beauty and historical wealth.


Turkish Cyprus - an ideal tourist destination


Strategic Geographic Location

Northern Cyprus shines with its central geographic location in the Mediterranean Sea, granting it astonishing diversity in breathtaking landscapes that combine mountainous terrains and golden sandy beaches. Alongside its archaeological landmarks, it becomes a unique destination embodying a wonderful blend of nature and history at the heart of the Mediterranean.


Historical and Cultural Heritage

The historical artifacts and archaeological sites in Northern Cyprus reflect the richness of the region’s history and culture, narrating fascinating stories of the past and the civilizations that once thrived on the island.


Diverse Touristic Activities

Northern Cyprus offers numerous opportunities to explore its natural beauty and rich history. Visitors can enjoy wilderness trips, mountain climbing, cycling on rugged roads, and wandering through national parks.

Additionally, there are various water activities such as diving, surfing, and other water sports. History enthusiasts can visit unique historical landmarks and participate in guided tours of archaeological sites.

Turkish Cyprus stands out for its blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and the unique atmosphere it offers to travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.


Warm Hospitality of the People of Northern Cyprus


The people of Northern Cyprus are renowned for their warm hospitality, opening their hearts before their homes to their visitors, and providing a welcoming atmosphere that comforts both students and tourists alike.


The most prominent tourist attractions in Turkish Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is abundant with tourist attractions that highlight its natural beauty and rich history. In this quick tour, let’s explore the most prominent tourist landmarks in this enchanting destination:


Ancient City of Salamis

Located north of Gazimağusa, the ancient city of Salamis was founded in the Bronze Age and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites to visit in Northern Cyprus.


Great Inn (Buyuk Han)

One of the largest inns in Cyprus and a significant example of Ottoman architecture, the Great Inn was constructed between 1572 and 1579. It consists of two floors and 68 rooms, with the ground floor rooms currently used as shops, while the upper floor rooms serve as hotel accommodations.


Kyrenia Castle

Standing proudly, Kyrenia Castle is an authentic historical architectural symbol in Northern Cyprus. While exploring the castle, you’ll witness traces of the Byzantine, French, Ottoman, and British civilizations, all visible simultaneously. The most astonishing feature of Kyrenia Castle is the merchant ship displayed in its museum, believed to be the oldest ship in history dating back to the 3rd century BC, recovered from the sea bottom.


Girne Harbor

Girne Harbor, resembling a horseshoe, is one of the main destinations to visit in Northern Cyprus. The colorful fishing boats and yachts moored in Girne Harbor add a special charm, attracting tourists and residents alike.


Buffavento Castle

Buffavento Castle stands tall on the mountains of Girne, boasting an elevation of 700 meters above sea level, offering a breathtaking view of the northern coast, Mesaoria plains, and the Karpass Peninsula.


Palace of Vouni

Approximately built in 500 BC, the Palace of Vouni sits atop a towering hill east of the ancient city of Soli, consisting of 137 rooms lining three sides of a central courtyard.


Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral) and Ancient Fig Tree

St. Nicholas Cathedral was constructed in Gazimağusa during the Lusignan period between 1298 and 1312, later converted into a mosque by the Ottomans in 1571 with the addition of a minaret. The Ancient Fig Tree (massive fig tree at the entrance of the cathedral) is the oldest tree on the island, planted during the cathedral’s construction in 1298. It now stands at a height of 15 meters and a width of 5 meters.


Kantara Castle

This grand monument dates to the 14th century, built by the Lusignan dynasty. Upon entering the main gate of Kantara Castle, you’ll see a carving of the Lion of St. Mark. The castle was once called the “Castle that cannot be conquered,” surrounded by exceedingly deep moats that fortified it against potential attacks. Named after a character from Shakespeare’s famous play “Othello,” performed in a coastal city in Cyprus, adding historical significance and allure.


Golden Beach

Stretching over an area of more than two kilometers on the Karpass Peninsula, Golden Beach is renowned for its clear blue waters and shimmering golden sands.



Northern Cyprus is an exceptional study destination!

The universities in Northern Cyprus are considered a highly renowned educational destination, attracting international students seeking high-quality education within some of the best international universities.


Northern Cyprus is an exceptional study destination


Academic and educational advantages in North Cyprus universities

The academic and educational advantages at the universities of Northern Cyprus are numerous, including:

  1. A modern, rich, and diverse educational environment that offers numerous opportunities.
  2. Housing a considerable number of globally recognized universities.
  3. Offering a variety of academic programs in different fields such as medicine, engineering, social sciences, business administration, and many more. This enables students to choose the most suitable major according to their interests and professional future.
  4. Focusing on the quality of education and scientific research, providing advanced facilities like extensive libraries and technologically equipped laboratories.
  5. Providing opportunities for interactive and applied learning through educational programs that prepare students to enter the global job market with competitive skills and deep specialized knowledge.


Tuition costs and student scholarships in Turkish Cypriot universities

The universities in Northern Cyprus offer scholarships to international students and ensure that the cost of studying there remains reasonable compared to European and Western countries. This allows students seeking education abroad the opportunity to receive excellent education at a reasonable cost in Northern Cyprus.


Student services

These student services contribute to creating a stimulating and comfortable university environment, aiding students in focusing on their studies and developing both their personal and academic skills. Among the key services available:

  1. Student Accommodation: Turkish Cypriot universities offer various housing options for a secure residence, including on-campus dormitories and nearby off-campus apartments.
  2. Health Services: Universities provide healthcare services for their students, including medical clinics on campus and medical centers for basic healthcare needs.
  3. Integrated Service Facilities: These encompass cafeterias, restaurants, entertainment centers, and cultural and artistic activities fostering social interaction and creativity. Additionally, diverse sports facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, pools, and sports fields support students’ athletic activities and physical fitness.
  4. Support for International Students: Through academic counseling services, extra workshops, and language support, universities assist international students in adapting and integrating into the study environment.


The most prominent universities in Northern Cyprus

  1. Near East University:

NEU ranks 30th internationally for its high-quality education and holds the 2nd position among Turkish universities. Its diverse academic programs include various specializations such as engineering, medicine, social sciences, and business administration. It also offers bilingual programs in English and Turkish.


Near East University


  1. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Despite its recent establishment, it’s known for the quality of education it provides. It annually welcomes a large number of students from across the globe and conducts classes in English.


  1. Cyprus International University (CIU):

Founded in 1997, CIU has earned several international and local accreditations. It offers a wide array of majors, up to 52 specializations, and accommodates a vast number of students from various countries.


  1. Eastern Mediterranean University:

Among the renowned universities in Northern Cyprus, it offers advanced programs in various fields such as medicine, engineering, arts, business administration, and computer science.


  1. University of Kyrenia:

Known for its focus on maritime studies, it attracts students interested in marine sciences. It houses faculties teaching aviation and space sciences and provides professional training opportunities for students.


Kyrenia University


Enrolling in any of these universities would be a successful step toward achieving your academic and professional goals.


In conclusion

It’s no wonder that Turkish Cyprus is a recommended destination for tourists seeking an exceptional educational trip in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

It offers opportunities for students to pursue education in its advanced universities, while captivating visitors with its stunning natural landscapes and rich history reflected in its archaeological sites.

If you’re looking for a chance to study at universities in Northern Cyprus, we’d be delighted to assist you in taking the ideal steps to start your educational journey at one of the Turkish Cypriot universities so contact us.


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