There are 10 Key Criteria for Choosing the Right University Major for Students Planning to Study Abroad or in Their Home Country. At Study More, we have compiled these ten crucial criteria to help you carefully select your future academic specialization.


Choosing a University Major

Many high school graduates who are about to enter universities often find themselves in a state of confusion and indecision when it comes to selecting the best university major for them. It’s possible that you, too, have faced this dilemma when choosing your ideal academic specialization. The process of weighing different majors is not easy and requires thorough research and consideration.

To study and carefully evaluate the available options, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the fundamental criteria for comparing and selecting suitable future majors. Without a strong foundation, you cannot build a solid choice. That’s why Study More has compiled the most important criteria for choosing a university major, which can serve as a solid basis for making the right decision.


1.  Personal Interests

The professional expert, Christian Eilers, mentions: “One of the most important criteria upon which your choice of university specialization should be based is your passion and personal interests. If you love working in a certain field, utilize that passion to make it a source of your financial income.” This will indeed ensure creativity in your professional career.

In addition to that, as a person, you will spend one-third of your life working. If you enjoy what you do and possess the interest that generates motivation within you, you will spend this portion of your life happily. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Therefore, make the first criterion when choosing your university major to be something you are passionate about.

However, you may now wonder: How do I identify my passion? The answer lies in following the following three methods:

  • Identify the activities that make you lose track of time when engaging in them.
  • Consult your family and close friends.
  • Experiment with various jobs and activities.


Personal Interests


2.  Your Abilities and Skills

Each of us possesses certain skills and unique abilities that may differ from others. The same applies to academic and professional fields, as each field requires specific skills. Therefore, it is important to identify your abilities and skills in order to determine the fields in which you can work and succeed.

Amjad Al-Janbaz, a researcher and writer, classifies ‘ability’ as one of the two most important pillars in choosing the most suitable university specialization. In his famous novel “Thani Laffa Yamīn” (Second Right Turn), he narrates his story of changing his professional specialization. Therefore, you should search for your strengths and inclinations, and you can discover them by conducting a DISC assessment, which tests your behavior and evaluates your professional inclinations.


3.  Employment Opportunities

The primary goal of university education is to secure post-graduation employment opportunities in the field of study. Therefore, it is essential for the specialization you choose to have future job prospects, ensuring that you won’t be among the unemployed. Hence, one of the key criteria you should consider when selecting a future career is the availability of job opportunities.

There are numerous specializations that studies anticipate will have high demand in the coming years. Some prominent examples include Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Aerospace Engineering, among many other specialties. You can find all of these specializations at Turkish Cypriot universities, which are dedicated to teaching the most in-demand and thriving future fields in global job markets. You can read about the top 10 majors to study on our website.


Employment Opportunities


4.  Financial Return

Undoubtedly, every individual has noble goals in their work. However, obtaining money to secure a decent life is crucial. Therefore, you should strive to study in fields that offer higher salaries to ensure financial stability in your life. These fields are often the most competitive and in-demand in the job market.

According to the financial newspaper Business Insider, the highest-paying university majors are primarily in the field of human medicine. Following that, dentistry is another high-paying specialization that you can explore through the full guide to studying dentistry. Additionally, technological specializations, particularly Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Cybersecurity, are among the top-paying fields.


5.  Higher Education Studies

Among the important criteria that should not be overlooked is the availability of various opportunities for academic postgraduate studies, such as master’s and doctoral degrees. This opens up avenues for excellence and further expansion in your specialization, which can bring numerous benefits. These benefits include career promotions, entry into other professional fields, and the publication of research and studies that enhance your reach and reputation in the field.

An example of a field where opportunities for higher education studies are abundant is the field of Pharmacy. Turkish Cypriot universities offer 10 specialized areas in Pharmacy for master’s and doctoral degrees. You can read more about the importance of pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree on our website, Study More.


6.  Duration of Study

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a specialization is the number of years of study required for each program and your personal preferences regarding the duration of the study. It is important that the duration of study is not excessively long or too short, as you want to ensure a balanced academic experience in your chosen field.

You can consider Turkish Cypriot universities as a benchmark for the typical duration of study. For medical specializations such as Dentistry and Pharmacy, the duration of study is 5 years. Human Medicine, including training, is a 6-year program. For engineering and undergraduate programs, the duration is 4 years, which is a suitable and moderate duration. It falls between universities that offer them in 3 years and those that offer them in 5 years. Additionally, professional institutes, such as dental prosthetics, offered by Cypriot universities have a duration of only 2 years.


7.  Language of Study

Choosing an undergraduate specialization that is taught in a global language like English is a fantastic decision that should be part of your plan. Studying in English will open up better future opportunities for you to work in various countries around the world. Additionally, pursuing postgraduate studies will be easier for you. It’s worth noting that most universities in Northern Cyprus offer their programs in English.

Studying in English not only enhances your language skills but also exposes you to a wider range of academic resources, research materials, and international perspectives. It allows you to communicate effectively with a global community of scholars and professionals in your field.

While English proficiency is important for studying in an English-speaking environment, universities may also provide language support services and English language programs to help students improve their language skills. It’s advisable to check the language requirements of the universities and programs you are interested in and ensure that you meet the necessary language proficiency criteria.

By choosing a specialization that is taught in English, you will expand your academic and professional horizons, increase your competitiveness in the global job market, and have the flexibility to pursue further studies internationally.


8.  Possibility of Working While Studying

Your financial resources during your university studies may be limited, or you may desire to enter professional life early. Therefore, you should search for majors that facilitate this matter. Examples of majors where you can combine work and study include Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, and some other fields.

When studying in Turkish Cyprus, unique opportunities are available for you to work while studying. For instance, you can work in the automotive laboratory at Near East University or work as a university assistant at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Kyrenia. Additionally, some universities and colleges also provide other job opportunities within their campuses.


Possibility of Working While Studying


9.  Study and Living Expenses

The tuition fees for different majors vary, with some being relatively high and others having lower costs. Therefore, it is advisable for you to assess your options and financial capabilities. Additionally, it is essential to know the cost of living in the country where you will be studying. One thing that will please you is that Turkish Cyprus universities are among the most affordable universities in the world, and the cost of living there is relatively inexpensive.


10.  Admission Requirements

During the registration process for certain majors, additional requirements such as extra certifications, entrance exams, or high grades are typically requested. Therefore, it is advisable to consider these requirements and investigate the admission criteria for each chosen major before making a decision. Additionally, you can obtain unconditional university admission through Study More at the university of your choice in Northern Cyprus.


In conclusion, in addition to the aforementioned criteria, it is important to seek consultation from academics or experienced specialists before making a decision regarding your academic major. At Study More, we provide a free guidance service to help you choose the most suitable major. You can reach us through our WhatsApp number.


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