Final International University majors vary and allow international students to choose their preferred field of study.

Recognized as one of the top universities in Northern Cyprus, FIU provides a wide array of academic specializations in both Turkish and English to meet the needs of students worldwide and align with global market demands.

In this article from Study More Educational Agency, we highlight the majors offered at Final International University and the advantages of studying at this institution, which serves as an ideal destination for international students.


A Golden Opportunity to Study One of Final International University’s Globally Recognized Majors

Final International University offers a variety of globally recognized academic majors across different faculties at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.


Undergraduate Programs at Final International University

Final International University’s undergraduate programs include:

Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry (in Turkish and English)




Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Pharmacy (MPharm in English and Turkish – 5 years)
  2. Pharmacy (PharmD – Doctor of Pharmacy – 6 years)


Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

  1. Coaching Education (in Turkish)
  2. Physical Education and Sports Teaching (in Turkish)


Faculty of Tourism and Culinary Arts

  1. Culinary Arts (in Turkish)
  2. Tourism Management (in English)


Faculty of Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering (in English)
  2. Computer Engineering (in English)
  3. Software Engineering (in English)
  4. Artificial Intelligence Engineering (in English)
  5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (in English)


Faculty of Education

  1. Turkish Language Teaching
  2. English Language Teaching
  3. Special Education Teaching (in Turkish)
  4. Counseling and Psychological Guidance (in Turkish)
  5. Pre-school Teaching (in Turkish)


Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Nursing (in Turkish)
  2. Nutrition and Dietetics (in English)
  3. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (in Turkish and English)



Faculty of Law

  1. Law (in Turkish)
  2. International Law (in English)


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

  1. Banking, Finance, and Accounting (in English)
  2. Business Administration (in English)
  3. Economics (in English)
  4. Finance and Investment Management (in Turkish)
  5. International Finance and Banking (in English)
  6. International Trade and Business (in English)
  7. Administrative Information Systems (in English)
  8. Marketing – Digital Media (in English)
  9. Political Science and International Relations (in English)


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Psychology (in English and Turkish)


Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts

  1. Architecture (in English)
  2. Interior Architecture (in English)


Vocational Schools

  1. Business Administration (in English)
  2. Computer Programming (in English)
  3. Culinary Arts (in Turkish)
  4. Finance (in English)
  5. Pharmaceutical Services (in Turkish)
  6. Tourism and Hospitality (in English)


Health Services Vocational School

  1. Anesthesia (in Turkish)
  2. First Aid and Emergency Care (in Turkish)
  3. Operating Room Services (in Turkish)
  4. Physiotherapy (in Turkish)


Judicial Vocational School

Justice (in Turkish)


Master’s Programs at Final International University (FIU)

  • Culinary Arts (in Turkish)
  • Education Management (in Turkish)
  • Architecture Engineering (in English)
  • Clinical Psychology (in Turkish)
  • Software Engineering (in English)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (in English)
  • English Language Teaching (in English)
  • Counseling and Psychological Education (in Turkish)
  • International Finance and Economics (in English)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (in English)
  • Political Science and International Relations (in English)
  • Tourism Management (in English): This program is offered in collaboration with the University of South Florida, USA, and qualifies graduates to manage and operate tourist and hotel facilities according to global standards.


Doctoral Programs at Final International University in Northern Cyprus

  • Dentistry (in English and Turkish)
  • Business Administration (in English)
  • Dental Prosthetics (in English and Turkish)
  • Pediatric Dentistry (in English and Turkish)
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (in English and Turkish)
  • Political Science and International Relations (in English)


Various scholarships offered by Final University to foreign students

Final International University (FIU) offers diverse scholarships for international students across all departments and specializations, helping alleviate their financial burden and enabling them to achieve their academic and professional dreams.

FIU tuition fees start at:

  • $890 annually for undergraduate programs.
  • $2,790 annually for master’s programs.
  • $10,240 annually for doctoral programs.



Why Choose Final International University for Your Higher Education?

Final International University is an ideal destination for international students, offering numerous advantages including:

  • Safe and stable environment.
  • Comfortable dormitory accommodation.
  • Access to electronic and paper libraries.
  • Separate campus in the city of Lefke for the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • State-of-the-art university facilities and well-equipped laboratories.
  • Competitive tuition fees compared to advanced countries’ universities.
  • Strategic location in the coastal city of Kyrenia with a moderate climate and beautiful nature.
  • Modern FIU majors and curricula that meet global job market requirements.
  • Experienced faculty members with academic qualifications from prestigious international universities.
  • Ongoing support for international students through counseling and social and psychological guidance services.
  • Opportunity to learn Turkish – the official language in Northern Cyprus, considered important in the Middle East region.
  • FIU graduates can work worldwide.
  • Facilities for students with special needs, including:
    • Special toilets.
    • Convenient and safe internal transportation service.
    • Suitable elevators in all buildings.
    • Easy-to-open and close large doors.
    • Training and awareness programs on disability issues.
    • Designated parking spaces on campus.
    • Access ramps to all university buildings.


If you’re a student looking to study abroad at a recognized university with modern curricula taught by proficient academics, then Final International University is one of your best options.

To ensure a successful start to your academic journey at FIU, contact our team at Study More educational agency via WhatsApp for a free consultation. We’ll handle all the registration procedures for you in the specialization that suits your goals and professional aspirations.


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