About the agency

We are an agency that was founded in 2014, aiming to assist students in enrolling in the best universities and selecting suitable majors for them, by providing a number of services that students who want to study abroad need.

Our values

  • Transparency and honesty in every transaction.
  • Professionalism in providing services is our top priority.
  • Commitment to providing the best and continuing to excel.
  • Supervising student communities and promoting ethical and noble social values.

Our vision

Since the beginning of our work at the agency, we have chosen to focus on a vision that represents extending a helping hand to every student who intends to achieve the dream of studying abroad and facilitating the procedures for enrolling in the best universities and the most suitable majors.

Our mission

Our agency undertakes the task of removing obstacles from the path of students who are looking for a better future and working hard to achieve their dreams. We assist them in identifying their specialties and choosing the most efficient university, thus relieving them of confusion and uncertainty. Additionally, our agency strives to make things easy for students by taking care of the registration process and other potentially complex matters that may be challenging for new students coming from foreign countries. This helps alleviate the burden of administrative tasks and allows students to focus on their studies and adjust to their new environment.

Some of the universities we deal with

Expert team

In our agency, a group of experts in the university field, everyone here is ready to help you reach your dream of studying abroad


Educational Consulting Manager


Public Relations Manager

Suzan Al Assi


Ibaa Al Assi

General Director


Educational Consultant


General Manager - Morocco Branch


Media Manager


General Manager - UAE Branch


Educational Consultant


Educational Consultant

Midya Abdulrahim

Public Relations

Mustafa Al Assi

Real Estate Consultant


Real Estate Consultant

Our students' testimonials

The Study More agency helped me achieve my dream of enrolling in one of the best Turkish Cypriot universities, and they handled the registration procedures that I was afraid of.

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