In today’s age of advanced technology, the field of artificial intelligence engineering in Northern Cyprus is particularly noteworthy. The universities in this region have achieved high rankings globally for their exceptional teaching of this discipline, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their skills and gain extensive knowledge in this crucial field.


This article by Study More aims to showcase the top universities in Northern Cyprus that offer specialized programs in artificial intelligence. Additionally, it provides insights into the costs associated with studying in Turkish Cyprus and highlights the promising career prospects available to graduates specializing in this field.


What is AI engineering?

Artificial intelligence stands as one of the most cutting-edge and advanced disciplines within the branches of engineering, garnering increasing interest across a multitude of industries including medicine, manufacturing, marketing, and security, among others.

The specialization of artificial intelligence focuses on the development of software and technologies that empower machines and computer systems to replicate and mimic human intelligence. This involves simulating human mental processes such as learning, reasoning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Drawing upon principles from mathematics, computer science, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, image analysis, robotics, data analysis, and various artificial intelligence applications, this specialization finds its application in diverse fields such as medicine, economics, and industry.


What are the best universities for studying AI in Northern Cyprus?

Universities in Northern Cyprus are known for their excellent educational programs, especially in the field of artificial intelligence engineering, and seek to develop the mental and creative abilities of their students.


Studying AI Engineering in Northern Cyprus
Studying AI Engineering in Northern Cyprus


Some of the leading universities in offering specialized academic programs in artificial intelligence engineering not only in Turkish Cyprus, but globally are:


Study Artificial Intelligence Engineering at Final International University

Final International University – FIU is a truly pioneering university, that build its foundations on the future!

From small academic halls that focus on an in-depth understanding of the student and the professor’s knowledge of all his students, to a long learning experience, to a strategic location and excellent facilities, the jewel in the crown comes in its competitive annual fees, without compromising on high quality.

Final International University is a university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey and the Ministry of Higher Education in the Republic of Northern Cyprus, and its roots go back to Final Educational Institutions, a leading educational brand in Turkey, with more than 400 specialized educational facilities among the elite schools and private institutes in Turkey.

It opened its university in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus in 2015 to offer its educational activities within more than 13 programs in 5 faculties and one vocational school.

The Final University of Northern Cyprus provides quality higher education at an affordable cost, establishing a career-centered education principle, focused on the acquisition of professional skills, combined with theoretical academic curricula, and this approach includes intensive programs of training and job market readiness.

Final University has a multicultural learning environment designed to enable students to share experiences and make friends with peers from around the world.

Within a safe and reliable environment, FIU stands out as an accredited study abroad institution, one of the most beautiful destinations on the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean, with high levels of care and attention, to gain further international qualifications, as well as additional free benefits that the student receives.

The Artificial Intelligence Engineering major is available in English within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of the Vinyl, where a bachelor’s degree is awarded, and it can be registered with an exclusive discount through the Study More agency  through  scholarships of up to 80% and an annual installment starting from $ 1790 only.


Study Artificial Intelligence Engineering at Near East University

Near East University teaches advanced and diverse academic programs in artificial intelligence, and its curricula include the theoretical and practical aspects of this advanced discipline, andallow its studentsto obtain several university degrees as follows.


Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence Engineering program offers its students the opportunity to delve into the concepts of programming, artificial neural networks, and the design and development of artificial intelligence systems, through a 4-year educational course, in English.


Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering

In the Master’s programme , you’ll delve into specific areas, such as advanced machine learning, and applications of artificial intelligence in industry and medicine.


PhD in Artificial Intelligence Engineering

As for the doctoral program, students devote themselves to scientific research and conduct research that contributes to the development and progress of the field of artificial intelligence.


One of the most important advantages of Near East University is that it allows its students to benefit from modern research and applied projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Thus, it enables them to apply the knowledge, skills and experience they have acquired in a practical and interactive environment, enter the modern labor market, and deal with the challenges associated with this sector efficiently.


How much does AI engineering cost at Near East University?

  • Enrollment in the Near East University’s Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence Engineering program requires tuition fees starting at €2,800 per year.
  • As for the master’s degree (with a thesis), its fee starts at 2060 euros per year.


Study Artificial Intelligence Engineering at Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University is an ideal destination for students who want to study AI engineering abroad, as it is the most welcoming university for foreign students, as it has many accreditations and recognitions from different countries of the world.

It offers excellent and comprehensive study programs in this field, and adopts educational curricula that it updates continuously, in cooperation with academic cadres with rich and extensive experience in artificial intelligence sciences.

Cyprus International University provides a state-of-the-art learning environment and state-of-the-art laboratories that contribute to enhancing students’ abilities and developing their skills to gain the necessary expertise to explore and innovate in the field of artificial intelligence.

All of this enables students to make the most of educational and applied opportunities, which ensure that they are fully prepared for a promising future in this innovative field.


What are the fees for studying AI Engineering at Cyprus International University?

The registration fee for the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence Engineering program at Cyprus International University starts at €3099 per year.


What jobs are available for AI engineering graduates?

The artificial intelligence major provides its graduates with many career opportunities that enable them to work in many industries and sectors, due to the rapid development and the increasing demand for the expertise of students in this field. Among the available positions are:


1- Smart Software Engineer

An intelligent software engineer designs and develops AI and machine learning applications for various purposes, such as smart applications, massive data analysis, and intelligent operating systems.


2- Robotic Engineer

A robotics engineer designs and develops robots and intelligent systems that are used in many fields, such as manufacturing, medicine, and logistics.


A robotics engineer designs and develops robots and intelligent systems
A robotics engineer designs and develops robots and intelligent systems


3- Data Scientist

A data scientist analyzes huge volumes of big data and uses artificial intelligence techniques to understand and derive useful insights to support data-driven decision-making processes in companies.


4- Engineer specialized in machine learning (Machine Learning Specialist)

The engineer specializing in machine learning develops and trains artificial intelligence models and algorithms used in machine learning and predictions.


Machine Learning Specialist
Machine Learning Specialist


5-  AI in Healthcare Applications Engineer.

It develops and improves artificial intelligence applications in medicine, such as disease diagnostics and medical predictions.


AI in Healthcare Applications Engineer
AI in Healthcare Applications Engineer


6- AI Game Developer

An AI game developer is involved in the design and development of video games, integrating AI into gaming experiences.


AI Game Developer
AI Game Developer


7- Other professions and jobs for artificial intelligence graduates

There are many other jobs, as the specialization of artificial intelligence provides innovative and multiple career opportunities for its graduates, as it is not limited to one sector, but includes several branches and different industries.

Today, we all hear about prompt engineering within major linguistic models (natural language processing) such as Chat GPT from Open AI, Gemini from Google and many others, which have entered into all sectors and industries to employ these modern technologies in their service.


Prompt engineering
Prompt engineering


 Prerequisites for studying AI Engineering in Northern Cyprus

  • A recent personal photo.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A copy of the secondary certificate “baccalaureate”.
  • A copy of the “transcript”.
  • English language certificate “if applicable”.



Northern Cyprus universities have established themselves as leading institutions in the field of artificial intelligence, offering students a unique chance to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required in today’s competitive global job market.


Pursuing a degree in artificial intelligence at Turkish Cypriot universities is a wise investment for those seeking a career in this rapidly growing field, which is in high demand worldwide.


If you are interested in studying AI engineering at Northern Cyprus universities, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to offer you valuable educational advice at no cost.

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