At Study More, our aim is to obtain testimonials from our student clients by providing advice and consultations to those who wish to study in Northern Cyprus.

We strive to guide them toward selecting the appropriate university and college that matches their academic and professional aspirations.

Therefore, we always value our clients’ feedback on our services and follow up on their academic and living situations in Northern Cyprus.

In these follow-ups, our students explain the satisfactory results they have achieved and the importance of the advice provided by the Study More team. 

Students’ testimonials

These students tell their academic experiences in Northern Cyprus universities that they pursued through our agency, including various majors such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering, aviation, and business management, starting from the application process to university registration.

After completing their studies, the students who applied through Study More explain how international university degrees opened new horizons for them in the job market.

They also share how they secured important positions and job vacancies in their fields and found comfort in dealing with the job market due to the practical training they received during their studies.  

We offer what you need to pursue your career without obstacle

One of the things that our clients most appreciate is the facilities provided to them by our agency during their stay and study period in Turkish Cyprus, and the great attention they receive from the moment of their arrival and reception at the airport, in addition to their involvement in every step of the process.

Furthermore, students appreciate the residency facilities they receive, the housing they benefit from, and the comfortable qualities of housing in terms of environment, price and society.

Facilities at various levels

From a legal and procedural standpoint for living in Cyprus, Study More clients have confirmed how our agency accompanied them in booking an appointment with immigration authorities and even helped them receive all the necessary documents for residency in the country.

We did not leave our students after they were accepted into university, as we followed up on their academic progress, their level, and the stages they reached, and helped them register for workshops and training that sharpen their skills in their field of study.

Step by step from start to end

Students enrolled in universities in Northern Cyprus through our agency appreciate our support throughout every step of their journey and how we provide everything necessary to serve their academic journey on the island, while also supporting their personal and professional skills through free events we regularly hold.

The trust of our students is of utmost importance to us, so we present their documented testimonials to encourage you to start your journey with us and choose Study More as your best intermediary to reach universities in Northern Cyprus.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us now to take advantage of our excellent services and chart your path to a successful journey.

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