Providing free consultations

The confusion and chaos that you feel will gradually disappear when you rely on us to guide you in everything that occupies your mind, through a consultation that you request from our agency. Don't worry, we have experts and specialists who make every effort to help you feel comfortable and reassured, and work with you to choose the appropriate major and the best university to study in. So, do not hesitate to request the consultation you need, as it is truly free.

Obtaining admission to the university

We strive to help you enroll in one of the international universities you want, especially those located in Northern Cyprus, by obtaining admission for you in them. We can also present you with study options in a number of universities, and explain to you the differences between them in terms of their system and unique advantages, in addition to helping you submit the registration file to the desired university in the correct manner.

Registration in university

Booking a seat in your favorite university will not be difficult, as we provide you with the service of registering in international universities. We handle the procedures on your behalf after preparing all the required documents for each university, and we keep you informed of any updates related to the registration process.

Reception from the airport

You can rest assured upon your arrival at the airport, if you contacted us, our team will accompany you throughout your academic journey, starting from your plane's landing until the stage of enrolling in the university and actually starting your studies.

Securing suitable accommodation

As one of our benefiting students, we will make every effort to provide you with suitable accommodation options, socially and environmentally, at a reasonable price.

Facilitating residency procedures for students and companions

We will assist you with the residency procedures by booking an appointment at the immigration office before going there and starting the procedures. We can do this easily through the online immigration management website, where we provide the required documents on your behalf at the specified time and date, and follow up on the residency application process.

Ongoing academic support

Our agency provides you with continuous academic support throughout your study period, as well as periodic follow-up. We also assist you in carrying out procedures related to your studies, such as registering for training courses and educational workshops.

student activities

As we believe in the role of student activities in shaping the student's skills and personality, we have decided to include in our services the provision of free student activities for our registered students at the Turkish Cypriot universities, such as cultural clubs and educational meetings.

Get a partial scholarship

We offer a great opportunity to get a partial scholarship up to 80% that includes the purchase of a seat/discount for our official agency
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