Since the establishment of our agency in 2014, we have been receiving many questions that are repeated by our dear students, and we understand the reason for repeating these questions, and for this reason we created this page to collect the most common questions, please read the following questions, the question you are looking for may be within This list.

Are there fully-funded scholarships available in Turkish Cyprus?

There are no scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition and accommodation for international students at universities in Turkish Cyprus, but there are partial scholarships available to some students, as well as discounts on tuition fees.

Do you receive students from the airport?

Certainly, Study More agency offers a service to receive students from the airport, then take them to the dormitory, and follow up with them throughout their study journey.

What is the required GPA to study in Turkish Cyprus?

Each university requires a specific GPA for admission to its programs, which may vary depending on the scholarship, but the average required GPA is 65%.

What is the best university in Turkish Cyprus?

Most universities in Northern Cyprus have special advantages that make them compete with the strongest universities in the world, with their curricula and faculty. However, Near East University remains one of the best universities on the island, with its special advantages provided to students, in addition to its training programs and activities that build a comprehensive personality for the student.

Is there a special test required by universities in Turkish Cyprus?

Applying to universities in Northern Cyprus does not require passing the YÖS, IELTS, or TOEFL tests. Although the programs are taught in English, there is a preparatory year for language study and mastery before starting specialization courses.

What are the most famous universities in Turkish Cyprus?

Among the most famous universities in Turkish Cyprus, which compete with the best universities in the world, are:

  • Eastern Mediterranean University.
  • Bahcesehir University.
  • Cyprus International University.
  • Near East University.
  • University of Kyrenia

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