Final International University is one of the leading universities in Northern Cyprus for international students, providing a stimulating educational environment to help them achieve their academic dreams and professional aspirations. It offers the latest academic curricula at competitive prices.

Many students today inquire about this pioneering university, which has quickly risen to prominence, participating in joint programs with major universities worldwide and competing in quality and university tuition costs.

If you want to know, for example, where is Final International University located, how to access it, its advantages, and other details, we’ll answer them in our article presented to you by Study More, the exclusive agent of Final International University…


Overview of Final International University in Cyprus

Final International University in Kyrenia was established in 2015 as a result of a successful partnership between Final Educational Institutions and their academic expertise within more than 200 schools and institutes across various parts of the Republic of Turkey, and the leading group DMG-Akgünler in the tourism sector in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The university aims to provide excellent and modern higher education for foreign students in undergraduate and intermediate stages, or even for those interested in studying for master’s and doctoral degrees in Turkish Cyprus, following an approach that promotes innovation and development in various academic fields, and in line with the requirements of today’s global job markets.

Final International University stands as one of the premier institutions in Turkish Cyprus, providing a conducive environment for academic excellence and personal growth. With its commitment to quality education, modern facilities, and diverse services, FIU offers an exceptional educational experience for students seeking international studies.


Final International University
Final International University


Where is Final International University located?

Final International University (FIU) is an ideal destination for higher education, located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Final International University enjoys a strategic location; its main campus sits in the northern part of Turkish Cyprus, within the city of Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Cyprus, boasting its beautiful location on the Mediterranean coast, its tranquil atmosphere, charming nature, and rich diverse culture.

You can easily reach Final University from Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, as it is only 35 km away. You can also reach it from other cities in Northern Cyprus by land, air, or sea.

Several transportation companies offer transportation services from and to the city of Kyrenia. Additionally, several airlines provide direct flights from Arab and European countries to Ercan International Airport, the closest airport to Final University, located 52 km away from Kyrenia city.

This makes Final International University in Kyrenia an ideal place not only for studying in Turkish Cyprus but also for living amidst the lush nature.


Where is the Faculty of Dentistry located at Final International University?

On the other hand, due to the reputation of FIU for its focus on dentistry studies in Turkish Cyprus, the university has allocated it to a separate campus in the city of Lefkoşa (North Nicosia).

It has provided all the appropriate dental medical facilities and laboratories suitable for theoretical studies, practical applications, and relevant laboratory work.


Faculty of Dentistry at Final International University
Faculty of Dentistry at Final International University


Many advantages provided by FIU in Turkish Cyprus

University facilities and services are no less important than academic programs in a student’s academic life, given their pivotal role in providing a conducive and motivating environment for learning and skill acquisition.

Therefore, Final International University in Northern Cyprus provides its dear students with excellent facilities and services to help them succeed in their studies and facilitate their university life.


Characteristics of Final International University and its Model Facilities

  • The study costs in Turkish Cyprus within Final International University are highly encouraging, especially in medical and scientific specialties and postgraduate studies.
  • Modern academic buildings equipped with the latest equipment and technologies.
  • Independent campus for the Faculty of Dentistry in the city of Lefkoşa.
  • A wide range of laboratories equipped with modern equipment and facilities.
  • Spacious lecture halls equipped with advanced audiovisual systems.
  • A massive library housing hundreds of thousands of scientific books and references, in addition to access to electronic databases for paper books.
  • A digital library that allows students to access its vast resources remotely from anywhere around the world.
  • Secure and comfortable student accommodation.
  • Numerous restaurants and cafeterias.
  • Commercial shops.
  • Various sports facilities.
  • Medical facilities.
  • High-speed wireless internet network in all university facilities.
  • Student support services, such as counseling and social and psychological guidance.
  • Supportive facilities and services for students with special needs to facilitate their participation in academic and campus life.


Characteristics of Final International University and its Model Facilities
Characteristics of Final International University and its Model Facilities


All of this makes Final International University one of the best universities in Turkish Cyprus, and the ideal destination for international students seeking a university that provides an excellent education that promotes innovation and development in various academic fields according to global standards.

If you’re looking for a high-quality university to study abroad, we at Study More invite you to choose Final International University in Northern Cyprus. Its strategic location in Kyrenia, its academic curricula keeping pace with the latest developments, modern facilities, and diverse services, all contribute to providing you with an exceptional educational environment.

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