Many students who plan to study in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are searching for The best university majors . They desire to choose the most sought-after specializations to ensure a promising future. To address this question, we have prepared a comprehensive article on Study More that explores the top specializations for the future.


What is the best major in the world?

Many students often ask a question upon graduating from high school and embarking on their university studies. They all seek to find the strongest specialization that guarantees leadership and excellence in the future. While it is possible to answer this question, it is preferable first to understand the criteria for ranking academic specializations and to make comparisons among them. This ensures a precise and suitable answer for us.


What are the criteria for classifying majors?

Choosing your future university specialization requires careful consideration to ensure selecting the best path that aligns with your future goals. Specializations vary in their orientations, opportunities, and study formats. Here are the top 5 criteria to determine the best major:


1.  Future Employment Opportunities

The primary goal of any academic study is to secure suitable employment opportunities after graduation. It is not logical for a student to invest years studying a specialization that lacks future job prospects. Therefore, the criterion of future employment prospects makes a specialization distinctive and desirable.


2.  High Salaries and Demand

Specializations with high-income potential are often ranked among the best for university study. Salaries and demand for graduates in a particular field are usually correlated. The higher the demand for specialists in a certain field, the higher the salaries in that field. It is important to research specializations with high demand for their graduates.


3.  Availability of Educational Resources

This criterion refers to ensuring the presence of clear educational curricula in the intended specialization and the possibility of obtaining practical training. For example, universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus carefully select specializations and teach them according to well-defined and directed academic plans. This ensures that students gain comprehensive knowledge in their specialization and practical experience during their studies. Some specializations may have a poor quality of education in certain countries while being ranked among the best specializations in other countries. The key lies in the quality of the university where you pursue your studies and its educational curriculum. To learn more, read about the five criteria for choosing the right university.


4.  Future Development of the Specialization

Some specializations are subject to future evolution and changes, while others remain stable in their knowledge and are less likely to be affected by evolving factors over time. Therefore, the ranking of each specialization is based on its future development and the nature of this development, whether positive or negative. This aspect plays a role in the classification of specializations.


5.  Surrounding Culture

The ranking of specializations greatly depends on economic and technological trends and the societal needs of a country. Accordingly, the most important and prosperous specializations in the future are determined. Therefore, this factor is taken into consideration during the ranking process.


Top 10 future majors to study

According to the previous criteria and additional standards, we have selected for you the top ten majors to study in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at Study More. It has been the prominent academic destination for students seeking to study abroad.


1-  Human Medicine

Throughout centuries, human medicine has been the top specialization, enjoying popularity and great appreciation among different societies. Human medicine continues to lead with successive discoveries, advancements, and the expansion of its branches. Northern Cyprus universities offer excellent opportunities to study human medicine with facilitations in admission requirements and cost reductions.


Human Medicine
Studying Human Medicine in Turkish Cyprus


2-  Dentistry

The interest in the field of dentistry has been increasing today, with the growing emphasis on human well-being and the importance of presenting the best appearance to social influencers. Cosmetic dentistry revenues have tremendously increased in recent years, making dentistry one of the preferred specializations. You can also read about the full guide to studying dentistry in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


Studying dentistry at the Near East University
Studying dentistry in Turkish Cyprus

3-  Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical companies are widespread in many countries worldwide, and the importance of experts in research fields within these companies is growing. The demand for pharmaceutical professionals is increasing day by day with the spread of epidemics and diseases. Salaries in the pharmaceutical industry are noticeably high, making pharmacy one of the crucial specializations to consider.


4-  Cybersecurity

Many research centers and studies consider cybersecurity as one of the most important specializations in the future, given the global digital transformation. This has led to significant demand for cybersecurity graduates. However, there are only a few universities worldwide that offer this specialization, including the University of Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus, which provides graduates with a dual degree in Software Engineering and Cybersecurity simultaneously.


Studying Cybersecurity
Studying Cybersecurity


5-  Veterinary Medicine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States has listed veterinary medicine as one of the most promising future specializations. The demand for veterinary medicine is expected to increase by more than 16% by 2030. Scientists have become aware of the importance of the link between animal and human diseases after the COVID-19 crisis. You can learn more about studying veterinary medicine at universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


Studying Veterinary Medicine in Turkish Cyprus
Studying Veterinary Medicine in Turkish Cyprus



6-  Transportation Engineering

Transportation and shipping methods are evolving day by day. Aviation engineering, automotive engineering, and marine engineering have emerged as some of the best specializations for the future. The competition among countries to manufacture various transportation mechanisms is increasing. Northern Cyprus universities have achieved success in teaching these specializations and have provided many of their graduates to various factories and global companies in the field. You can also read about studying automotive engineering in Northern Cyprus.


7-  Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major focus worldwide, and global research institutions expect it to be the most important major ever. AI is entering all industries and fields, including literary and humanitarian fields. Therefore, the demand for AI specialization, which is evolving every day and every hour, is increasing significantly.


Studying Artificial Intelligence Engineering
Studying Artificial Intelligence Engineering


8-  Law

Just as medicine is the cornerstone of scientific studies, law is the cornerstone of humanities studies. Law has existed since ancient times, and its importance continues to grow and evolve with the world and technological advancements. It will remain among the established and important specializations in the coming years.


9-  Business Administration

The importance of projects and entrepreneurship is growing, and companies are expanding, resulting in an increased need for professionals in business administration and its various branches such as project management, case management, and human resources management, among others. Therefore, business administration is one of the most in-demand majors worldwide. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus universities are among the best universities that teach business administration.


In addition to the above, there are many other important specializations that can be mentioned, such as petroleum engineering, psychology, and numerous other disciplines. You can explore the list of university majors on our website, Study More.


In conclusion, when seeking to choose the best specialization, thoroughly examine your options and research the top universities for studying your desired field. Make sure to seek advice from our experienced advisors at Study More, and you can obtain direct and guaranteed admission in the specialization of your choice by contacting us through our WhatsApp number.


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