Turkish Cypriot universities recognized in Iraq stand as an excellent choice for every Iraqi student seeking exceptional academic education and looking for an opportunity to study in an international environment. These universities attract students with their diverse academic programs and exceptional educational atmosphere.

In this article from the Study More educational agency, we will delve into the most prominent Turkish Cypriot universities recognized in Iraq, their numerous advantages, and uncover the reasons why Iraqi students are drawn to enroll in these universities. We invite you to join us in exploring these aspects further.


Why is studying in Turkish Cyprus the ideal choice for Iraqi students?

Universities in Turkish Cyprus, both public and private, are witnessing a growing interest from Iraqi students. The Turkish Ministry of Higher Education is making tremendous efforts to overcome all obstacles that foreign students might face, thereby attracting them to the best universities in Turkey and facilitating their enrollment.


Why is studying in Turkish Cyprus the ideal choice for Iraqi students?
Why is studying in Turkish Cyprus the ideal choice for Iraqi students?


Among the prominent aspects that make studying in these universities an ideal choice:

The large number of Turkish Cypriot universities recognized in Iraq

The abundance of recognized universities in Turkish Cyprus in Iraq has provided Iraqi students with the opportunity to choose universities that suit their academic and professional inclinations.


Diverse Academic majors

Turkish Cypriot universities offer a diverse range of academic specializations in various fields such as medicine, engineering, humanities, economics, and more.


Quality Education and High Academic Standards

Universities in Northern Cyprus provide constantly updated advanced study programs in an educational environment equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, training students to use modern tools and techniques that meet the demands of the job market.


Reasonable Tuition Costs

The cost of studying in Northern Cyprus is reasonable compared to European and Western countries, enabling students seeking education abroad to attain excellent education at a reasonable cost.


Scholarships offered by Northern Cyprus Universities and the Turkish Government

The Turkish government and universities in Northern Cyprus cover some expenses for foreign students, supporting them in their educational journey and not burdening them with the entirety of university costs.


Multilingual Programs

While Turkish is the official language in Northern Cypriot universities, several academic programs are taught in English or Arabic, offering flexibility in education. This allows students who don’t speak Turkish to study at these universities, diversifying their options.


Comfortable Student Accommodation

Turkish Cypriot universities provide Iraqi students with comfortable and varied housing options, including

  • fully furnished dormitories equipped with modern facilities such as bedrooms
  • study areas
  • meeting halls
  • recreational zones
  • and medical services.


Comfortable Student Accommodation
Comfortable Student Accommodation


Strategic Geographical Location and Rich Cultural Diversity

Turkey’s proximity to Iraq is one of the significant factors attracting Iraqi students to study at Turkish Cypriot universities. It enables integration into a diverse cultural environment, fostering interaction with students of various nationalities and collaboration in educational experiences.


What are the conditions of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education to recognize Turkish certificates?

The Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education has certain conditions for recognizing Turkish certificates. They require passing a scientific competency exam at a specialized Iraqi university after meeting several conditions:

  1. The university issuing the certificate must be recognized in Turkey by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. The study program should be regular and not distance learning.
  3. The certificate should meet the required number of study units in Iraq.

These conditions are aimed at maintaining the credibility of certificates being equivalently recognized for students obtaining them from outside Iraq, by the established contexts and the law on the equivalence of Arab and foreign academic degrees and certificates, Law No. (20) of 2020.


The most prominent Turkish Cypriot universities recognized in Iraq

Among the most prominent Turkish Cypriot universities whose degrees are recognized in Iraq:


Near East University

The Near East University is an appealing destination for international students. Its educational programs are internationally recognized, taught in both Turkish and English, and it boasts extensive modern facilities, including its own university hospital.

This university offers high-level educational opportunities to over 26,000 students from more than 100 countries. Comprising 16 faculties with over 220 specializations, it also includes professional institutes that offer 200 programs for master’s and doctoral degrees.

Notably, the Near East University holds recognitions and accreditations from various institutions:

  • Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK).
  • International Association of Universities (IAU).
  • European University Association (EUA).
  • Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).
  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Membership and accreditation in 114 different international organizations and bodies.


Studying at the Near East University
Studying at the Near East University


Documents required for registration in Turkish Cypriot universities

Here are the required documents for Iraqi students wishing to enroll in any specialization at Turkish Cypriot universities:

  • Recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Valid passport copy.
  • Copy of the high school diploma, authenticated and translated into English if it’s in Arabic (translation services can be obtained through our agency, Study More).
  • High school transcripts.
  • English language proficiency certificate if available. If not available, you can take a proficiency test or enroll in a preparatory year.

To ensure acceptance into the specialization of your choice at any of the Turkish Cypriot universities, you can contact our agency, Study More, via WhatsApp.


The academic fields most commonly chosen by Iraqi students at universities in Northern Cyprus.

Cypriot universities offer numerous and diverse programs in English, making it easier for international students to pursue their chosen majors without language barriers. Among the most enrolled majors by Iraqi students opting for Northern Cyprus to pursue their studies are:


The academic fields most commonly chosen by Iraqi students at universities in Northern Cyprus.
The academic fields most commonly chosen by Iraqi students at universities in Northern Cyprus.


Human Medicine

Universities in Northern Cyprus offer exceptional opportunities for foreign students to study human medicine, with facilitation in admission requirements and reductions in study costs. It’s worth noting that the duration of studying human medicine in Turkish Cypriot universities can be up to 6 years.



This specialization is considered one of the most demanded and advanced fields in Turkish Cyprus, with a study duration of up to 5 years.



Northern Cypriot universities offer advanced and specialized study programs encompassing a wide range of modern concepts and techniques in the field of cybersecurity.


Business Administration

Turkish Cypriot universities stand out in the field of Business Administration, which is one of the most enrolled specializations these days. The Northern Cypriot universities are known as a leading educational platform offering excellent programs in Business Administration.


In addition to the aforementioned majors, there are other diverse and highly important fields that complement these specialties.

You can explore a list of university majors by visiting our website, Study More.


Documents required for registration in postgraduate studies in Turkish Cyprus

  • Documents Required for Master’s Degree
    • A personal photo.
    • A valid passport.
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate.
    • University transcript.
    • English language proficiency certificate.
    • Submission of recommendation letters and a statement of purpose (if applicable).
  • Documents Required for Ph.D. Degree
    • The same documents required for the Master’s degree, in addition to the Master’s degree transcript.


In nutshell

The accredited Turkish Cypriot universities in Iraq stand as a perfect option for Iraqi students pursuing educational opportunities abroad, enabling them to accomplish their academic and personal aspirations.

In this field, our advisors at Study More agency guide you in selecting the best university in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, don’t hesitate, contact us now, and get a free consultation.


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