Studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus is highly sought after due to the reputable universities known for quality education and reasonable tuition fees.

The comfortable and stable student lifestyle, as well as the numerous tourist and recreational attractions, make it a fun and lively place to study.

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First – Conditions for studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus

If you wish to study medicine in Turkish Cyprus, there are some simple conditions that you must meet in order to join one of the Turkish Cypriot universities, which are:

Firstly: You must provide a high school diploma or its equivalent, and obtain a high grade in physics, chemistry, and biology, as they are essential subjects for the human medicine specialization.

Secondly: It is not a requirement to be proficient in English if you intend to join universities in Cyprus to study medicine. It is enough to enroll in a preparatory school that helps you master the language to be able to understand medical subjects well, and then take an admission test. If you have passed the TOEFL or IELTS exam, you can skip the preparatory year directly.

Thirdly: The human medicine specialization requires a lot of hard work and intense study, so we advise you to be prepared for:

  • Studying for at least six years.
  • In addition to participating in many training courses.
  • Joining hospitals and health centers to gain practical experience.

Fourthly: to register in Turkish Cypriot universities, it is sufficient to have a high school average of 70% or above.

Fifthly: If you choose to study at a university in the Turkish language, you must pass the Turkish language proficiency test to prove your ability to easily engage in academic study.


Second – Best universities to study human medicine in Turkish Cyprus

If you are interested in studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus, you have a number of available universities to choose from. Among these options, you can find universities that offer you an excellent level of education and a chance to learn with the best teaching methods.

Here are the best Turkish Cypriot universities to study medicine:


Near East University

The Near East University is considered the best Cypriot university to study medicine because it has:

  • A huge and advanced university hospital.
  • In addition to laboratories and health centers.
  • Not to mention the availability of modern medical equipment and supplies.

These facilities enable students to train during their studies to be ready for professional life after graduation. The university offers a program to teach medicine in English and provides extensive opportunities for research and learning in the field of medicine.


Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University provides many scientific opportunities for medical students in addition to excellent medical equipment. It is also possible to study human medicine in English at this university.


Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University has a good reputation for preparing graduates to work in the field of human medicine.

However, regardless of which university you choose, you will find in Northern Cyprus an opportunity to learn within a supportive and encouraging environment. So, if you are interested in studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus, do not hesitate to choose one of these unique international universities.


Third – What are the costs of studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus?

The tuition fees for studying medicine in universities in Turkish Cyprus are considered low compared to the fees of European or Turkish universities, amounting to $7000 per year.

These fees are reasonable and acceptable, especially considering the high quality of education provided by Cypriot universities, advanced facilities, and professional training for their students.

Additionally, Cyprus universities have a high ranking among the world universities, in addition to the strength of the academic degree they grant, which is one of the internationally recognized degrees.

Fourth – The future of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine in Turkish Cypriot universities

Obtaining a degree from an international university that enjoys a large number of international accreditations and recognitions in Turkish Cyprus grants you a high academic and scientific status after graduation, not to mention the great scientific and practical experience that you have gained.

Also, studying medicine in Turkish Cyprus offers graduates a golden opportunity to hold prestigious positions in the healthcare fields, inside or outside Cyprus, or in European countries.

Studying Medicine in Turkish Cyprus
Studying Medicine in Turkish Cyprus


The scientific experiences and skills that medical students acquire in the universities of Northern Cyprus qualify them to work anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, we have provided information in this article about studying medicine in Northern Cyprus, the financial costs and tuition fees for the human medicine specialization, and highlighted the best universities to study in this field. We have made sure to cover what our students need to know.

If you are one of the ambitious students looking to join one of the universities in Northern Cyprus and want to know more details, do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our services and learn everything related to your academic journey at prestigious universities in Cyprus.


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Sources: Turkpress + Wikipedia