The Final International University Scholarship in Northern Cyprus offers exceptional educational opportunities for international students, helping them achieve their dream of high-quality education that keeps pace with developments in all fields, according to global standards.

Detailed information from the educational agency Study More about the Final International University Scholarship, application requirements, and the benefits of receiving the scholarship can all be found in this article.


Final International University – Diverse Scholarships

Final International University (FIU) provides diverse scholarships for all international students, in all departments and specializations, alleviating the financial burden of tuition fees and guiding them towards the realization of their academic and professional aspirations.

These scholarships range from 60%, automatically offered by Final International University for most academic departments, up to 100% of the total tuition fees.

Furthermore, the university conducts individual assessments for each student based on their skills and talents, allowing them to receive larger scholarships.


What are the application requirements for scholarships at FIU?

  • The student must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Achieve an academic cumulative GPA in high school between 50% to 70%, varying according to the chosen university major.
  • Valid passport.
  • Passing a language proficiency test is not a barrier for students wishing to join Final International University in Northern Cyprus. It offers students the opportunity to join an intensive English language program to develop their language skills before starting their academic studies.


Benefits of obtaining a Final International University Scholarship:

  1. Studying at a university that offers high-quality education with the latest academic curricula that meet global market requirements.
  2. Partial or full exemption from tuition fees.
  3. Support and guidance from elite academics from around the world.
  4. Living and studying in Northern Cyprus with its stunning nature, strategic location, and cultural diversity.


Steps to apply for a Final International University Scholarship

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Final International University Scholarship
Final International University Scholarship


What are the benefits of applying for an FIU scholarship through Study More Agency?

Obtaining a scholarship from a university like Final International University is a dream for many students due to the high-quality education it offers at various levels, including bachelor’s, intermediate institutes, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

However, you may face some challenges in achieving this dream, such as difficulty in meeting application requirements or the complexity of related procedures.

This is where our educational agency, Study More, comes in to facilitate this process and ensure you secure a study seat at Final International University by:

  1. Academic guidance and support from specialized academic advisors in the field of scholarship application.
  2. Ensuring you meet all the requirements for scholarship application.
  3. Continuous follow-up on your file until receiving the acceptance decision from the university.


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