Statistics reveal that one-third of students in the best Turkish Cypriot universities are international, attracted by the unique features that make them a preferred destination for students from around the world.

If you’re a student interested in joining a Cypriot university, you’ve made a good choice. We’re delighted to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision and choose the university that suits you best.

In this article, we’ll explain the type of life in Northern Cyprus, present to you 4 of its strongest universities, in addition to costs of studying at Turkish Cypriot universities.

So, allow us at Study More to explain all of this, and try to help you determine whether it is worth traveling and living abroad.


Firstly – A quick look at life in Turkish Cyprus and its universities

Cyprus is considered an ideal tourist destination due to its stunning natural landscapes and fascinating historical sites, and it is also a prime destination for university students due to its excellent international universities.

It is known that Northern Cyprus follows and depends on the administration of the Turkish Republic, most of its inhabitants are Turks, and the official language and currency are Turkish.

As for residency in Cyprus, it is not difficult, as you can obtain it if you are a university student enrolled in one of its universities.

Most of the population on this island are Muslims, in addition to the fact that the cost of living in Cyprus is very reasonable, and its rental prices are acceptable. Also, the cost of water, electricity, and internet is not high for students.

As for education in Northern Cyprus, the island is home to unique international universities. Education in its universities is moderately priced and is considered low compared to tuition fees in many European or Turkish universities, not to mention its high global ranking.


Secondly – the best universities in Turkish Cyprus

The island of Cyprus boasts a selection of prestigious and modern international universities, which stand out for their high-level facilities, and as such, attract students from different parts of the world.

We have made sure to highlight here the best universities in Turkish Cyprus with a brief description, so that you can search for them and expand further through our website, which explains various details about each one.

Universities in Turkish Cyprus
Universities in Turkish Cyprus


1- Eastern Mediterranean University

One of the most prestigious universities in Turkish Cyprus is the Eastern Mediterranean University, which enjoys a high ranking among universities in terms of the quality of education, moderate cost, and its heritage, which confirms its long experience in education.

The university was founded in 1979 in the city of Famagusta and includes around 16,000 students from several countries.


2- Bahcesehir University, Cyprus

Bahcesehir University is one of the international universities in Turkish Cyprus, known for its quality of education despite being newly established. It annually hosts a large number of students from all over the world, and instruction is conducted in English.


3- International University of Cyprus (CIU)

The International University of Cyprus was established in 1997 and has received several international and local accreditations regarding higher education. It offers a large number of programs, which have reached up to 52 specializations, and accommodates a huge number of students from all over the world. The number of enrolled students has reached 20,000 students.


4- University of Kyrenia

Kyrenia University, established in 1978, is considered one of the best universities that focus on maritime studies, making it the first destination for students interested in studying marine sciences.

It is also a branch of the Near East University, which ranks second locally and 30th globally, in addition to its uniqueness in heritage and the captivating beauty of its location in Kyrenia, one of the most beautifully historic cities in Cyprus.


5- Near East University

The Near East University is distinguished by its outstanding interest in medical specializations, as it has a hospital that is considered one of the most advanced research centers in the Eastern Mediterranean region, not to mention other research centers specialized in various fields.

In addition, the university enjoys an educational quality that has made it ranked 30th among international universities, and the second among Turkish universities.


Third – Tuition costs in the best universities in Turkish Cyprus

The cost of studying at Turkish Cypriot universities in Cyprus is reasonable and not high, but it varies depending on the university and the major.

The cost of studying general majors such as engineering and business administration ranges between $1400 and $3000, while medical majors range between $6900 and $12000, to be paid annually. These fees are reasonable compared to European universities.


Fourth – Advantages of studying in the best universities in Turkish Cyprus

Surely, when you look for the best universities in Northern Cyprus, you will want to know what makes these universities the best. Therefore, we will present to you what you will get when you choose one of the universities in Northern Cyprus:


1-  Educational quality

All of the Turkish Cypriot universities are scientifically advanced, both internationally and locally, and therefore, they guarantee quality education that meets your academic aspirations.


2-  International recognition

All universities in Turkish Cyprus are internationally recognized and locally accredited, so you don’t have to worry that the degree you will receive will not serve your purpose after graduation.


3- Excellent faculty members

No doubt, the very high competence of the faculty members will make the benefit you get from studying at an international university in Cyprus multiplied.


4- Vocational training

You will ensure enjoyment during your university phase and get a period of experience and training due to the existence of a strong infrastructure of devices and equipment used in the educational process.


5- Reasonable costs

Study costs will not be a problem when you balance them with the benefit you will receive, as they are relatively low compared to the costs of studying in European universities.


6- Various facilities

Various social facilities that students need are available in universities, so you will be comfortable.


7- Comfortable university housing

The housing problem can be easily solved when registering at one of the Cypriot universities, due to the presence of comfortable university housing, equipped with all the necessities that students need during their academic journey.


8- Scholarships

Turkish Cypriot universities provide a decent number of scholarships for students, which is a golden opportunity for you.


9- Guaranteed job opportunities

The outstanding location of the universities, which is considered a gateway to Europe, makes it very possible for you to get a suitable job opportunity after graduation.


If you are one of the students who are interested in studying at universities in Northern Cyprus, do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our services that start with picking you up from the airport and continue throughout all stages, to ensure that you enjoy a successful and fruitful academic journey.


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