Are you interested in studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus? Rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. Study More has prepared a comprehensive guide specifically tailored for ambitious individuals like you, who are seeking to pursue the most promising engineering specializations for the future. Our guide contains all the essential details you’re looking for.


The importance of studying engineering

Engineering is the cornerstone of modernity, progress, and advancement for humanity. It is a practical science that encompasses all aspects of human life, aiming to fulfill our needs and facilitate our lives in areas such as housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and more. With its broad employment prospects and versatility, engineering remains a timeless and ever-expanding field.

The demand for graduates in various engineering disciplines is consistently high across the globe. This is due to the extensive presence of engineering in diverse sectors, offering you, as a future engineer, a wide range of opportunities. These opportunities include working in government sectors, private companies, laboratories, and research and study centers, as well as engaging in private investments for various projects.


Studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus

Northern Cypriot universities have achieved significant success in various fields, particularly in the field of engineering. These universities have directed their efforts towards development in this sector, aiming to train students capable of innovation and creativity. As a result, they have become one of the top destinations for students aspiring to study engineering abroad.

Graduates of Turkish Cypriot universities have made remarkable contributions to major achievements in engineering, both within Turkey and beyond. Examples include the production of the first Turkish electric car, TOGG, as well as the development of unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial respirators, which proved to be invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading many countries to procure them from Turkey. These are just a few examples of the remarkable accomplishments made by graduates of Turkish Cypriot universities.


Republic of Northern Turkish Cyprus car
Republic of Northern Turkish Cyprus car


Advantages of studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus

Northern Cypriot universities have become among the strongest universities in engineering majors due to the following reasons:

  1. Abundance of research centers and studies, equipped with advanced facilities.
  2. Availability of modern equipment for direct practical training of students.
  3. Numerous partnerships with international institutions and research centers, enhancing the value and precision of research.
  4. Accreditations and recognition from various countries and specialized institutions, with recognition from the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Turkish Cypriot Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Council (YÖDAK).
  5. Continuous development of the curriculum to align with the actual needs of the job market.
  6. English language instruction for all specializations, ensuring that students receive education in their native language and enhancing employment prospects in Europe and America.
  7. Possibility of employment for engineering students within the university as teaching assistants or research center assistants.
  8. The complete duration of study is only four years, which is a notable feature of studying engineering in Northern Cyprus. The curriculum is streamlined, free from excessive content that burdens students.

These factors contribute to the strong reputation of Northern Cypriot universities in the field of engineering.


Engineering majors in Turkish Cyprus

Northern Cypriot universities stand out for offering over 40 different engineering specializations. They encompass both well-established engineering fields and emerging disciplines that are in demand in the business sectors. This provides you with numerous options to study a specialization that aligns with your qualifications, ensuring your future distinction and securing top-paying job opportunities. The engineering specialization areas in Turkish Cyprus are as follows:


1- Software Engineering

The most in-demand future engineering fields in global job markets are those related to the world’s technological future in everything. The prominent programming specializations in North Cyprus universities are:



Information security specialization is the highest-paying specialization in the world due to its high demand. Data protection has become an urgent need for everyone in the global digital transformation era.


Artificial Intelligence Engineering

After the explosion caused by OpenAI with the launch of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application, all global companies and institutions have started heading towards this industry, making it the most sought-after specialization in the world.


Software Engineering

It is responsible for website and application programming, system design, and development. It is the most comprehensive engineering field for future engineering disciplines.


Computer Engineering

This is an indispensable engineering field that encompasses all the technological tools we use today. It is divided into two branches known in English as (hardware-software) and continues to evolve constantly.

There are other specializations within the field of software engineering, including Information Systems Engineering and others.


2- Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering refers to the engineering fields related to the healthcare sector. It involves either the technological development of the medical field or direct involvement in human health details. The most important specializations in biomedical engineering in North Cyprus are:


Medical Engineering

This field focuses on studying the interactions between the human body, devices, tissues, and stem cells. It is utilized in organ transplantation, prosthetic limb installation, and similar procedures.


Bio-Medical Engineering

It acts as a bridge between medicine and engineering, combining mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering sciences to create medical equipment and devices.


Food Engineering

Much of the food we consume today is modified by human intervention to improve its production processes and quality. This is accomplished by food engineers who combine engineering and chemistry. Chemical engineering is also present in Turkish Cypriot universities and has multiple job opportunities that overlap with food engineering.


Molecular Engineering and Genetics

This is one of the more unique engineering fields where human beings apply engineering principles to manipulate biologically originated molecules. It is utilized in drug development, increasing crop yields, and other applications.


3- Transportation Engineering

Transportation engineering focuses on means of transportation, including travel, shipping, and more. It is an area where humans have achieved great accomplishments. The most important transportation engineering fields in Northern Cyprus are:


Automotive Engineering

Since the discovery of automobiles over 150 years ago until today, continuous development has taken place, thanks to automotive engineers. They combine electrical, mechanical, and electronic engineering to develop new generations of cars. The financial income for engineers in this specialization is significant due to the scarcity of specialized engineers. One notable aspect of studying automotive engineering in Turkish Cypriot universities is the opportunity to work at Eastern Mediterranean University’s automotive factory.


Aerospace Engineering

This engineering field deals with aircraft design, control, sensor devices, and supervision. Although it is a rare specialization, it is available in Northern Cyprus universities.

There are also other transportation specializations available in engineering faculties in Turkish Cypriot universities, such as maritime transportation engineering, marine engineering, aerospace engineering, and space science, among others.


4- Structural Engineering

The engineering specializations within this field are concerned with construction, architecture, and planning. Civil engineering is one of the oldest and most well-known types of engineering. Turkish Cypriot universities excel in these fields, and to appreciate their creativity, one can simply look at the university images through the attached link to understand the meaning of art and innovation. The most important specializations in civil engineering in Northern Cyprus are:



We don’t need a lengthy introduction to the most globally renowned engineering field. It dates to the construction of the pyramids and continues to evolve today with the most unique and beautiful designs created by architects. Due to the significant urban development in Cyprus, many students interested in studying abroad seek to study architecture in Turkish Cyprus specifically.


Civil Engineering

As a counterpart to architecture, civil engineering focuses on the execution and implementation aspects. In addition to its involvement in regular building construction, civil engineering plays a vital role in infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and roads. Therefore, studying in this field in Turkish Cyprus is an invaluable opportunity.

There are many other specializations within the field of civil engineering, such as geological engineering, landscape architecture, interior architecture, and many more specializations that can be found when studying in Turkish Cyprus.


5- Technical Engineering

Technical engineering specializations focus on the design, installation, operation, and development of machinery and device manufacturing in various sectors. Many students aspiring to study engineering in Turkish Cyprus pursue these types of engineering. Here are the most prominent ones:


Mechanical Engineering

It is the backbone of the industry, dealing with the design of engines, machinery, and various devices. Mechanical engineering has undergone significant advancements in recent years and continues to witness major leaps. Therefore, engineering faculties in Northern Cyprus universities regularly update their curricula to keep up with the developments in this field and others.


Industrial Engineering

This field emerged from the realm of mechanical engineering and focuses on the art of mechanical design, production operations, and various manufacturing processes. It is a relatively rare specialization compared to closely related fields. Consequently, it offers vast employment prospects.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Studying electrical and electronic engineering in Turkish Cyprus differs from studying it elsewhere due to the advanced devices that students are trained on and the numerous incentives for students to innovate and excel in this field.

These technical engineering specializations provide students with opportunities for practical application, innovation, and problem-solving in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Regarding the other engineering majors in Cyprus, they are numerous, and we cannot list them all here. Therefore, please visit our website, Study More, to explore all the engineering specializations and study costs in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


Engineering universities in Turkish Cyprus

After mentioning the prominent specializations to you, here are the best Turkish Cypriot universities in engineering


Studying engineering at Near East University (NEU)

Many research centers and university rankings have classified Near East University (NEU) as one of the top 200 universities in the world for teaching engineering specializations. This is due to its extensive and advanced facilities and the availability of ample training opportunities for students. Additionally, the university has a car factory where you can work while studying at the university.


Near East University
Near East University


Studying engineering at Kyrenia University

Kyrenia University is renowned for its maritime engineering and aerospace engineering programs, making it the top choice for studying aviation engineering, maritime engineering, and marine transportation engineering. Additionally, it excels in other engineering fields such as cybersecurity. You can find more information about these programs on our website under the “Study More” section.


Studying engineering at Cyprus International University (CIU)

When discussing engineering studies in Northern Cyprus, it is impossible not to mention CIU, which is ranked among the top global universities and follows NEU on the list of the strongest Turkish Cypriot universities in engineering. Some of the distinguished engineering specializations offered at CIU include artificial intelligence engineering and petroleum and gas engineering.


Studying engineering at Bahçeşehir University (BAU) Cyprus

Bahçeşehir University, known for its campuses located in several countries such as the United States and Turkey, is among the best universities globally. BAU Cyprus, a distinguished branch of Bahçeşehir University, excels in teaching engineering disciplines. It offers programs in computer engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, and industrial engineering. At Study More, we provide partial scholarships ranging from 50% to 75%, as well as full scholarships, for those interested in securing a seat at competitive prices across all disciplines.


Bahcesehir University Cyprus
Bahcesehir University Cyprus


If you would like to learn more about Turkish Cypriot universities, you can read about it in the attached article.


The required documents for registration in engineering in Turkish Cyprus

If you are concerned about the registration requirements for engineering in Turkish Cyprus, there is no need to worry because Northern Cypriot universities do not impose any additional conditions beyond the basic admission requirements. The necessary documents for obtaining university admission in any engineering specialization are as follows:

  1. Valid passport copy.
  2. High school diploma copy, translated and authenticated in English if the diploma is in Arabic (Translation services can be obtained through our institution, Study More).
  3. High school transcript.
  4. English language certificate. For those who do not possess a language certificate, they can take a placement test or enroll in a preparatory year of study.


In conclusion, studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus is an excellent choice that you won’t find elsewhere with these features and quality. Therefore, make your decision promptly and don’t hesitate to contact our advisors for a free consultation regarding the best majors and university for studying engineering in Turkish Cyprus. Your acceptance from our institution, Study More, is guaranteed and secured, along with all the necessary services. Contact us to reserve your seat .