Studying aviation in Northern Cyprus is an exceptional opportunity that allows you to learn, and acquire knowledge, skills, and necessary experiences in this rapidly evolving field.

In this article, Study More takes you on a quick tour, showcasing the best universities in Northern Cyprus that offer excellent study programs in aviation, in addition to explaining the nature of the specialization and employment opportunities available for aviation program graduates.


What is aviation specialization?

Aviation specialization is a vital sector among the fastest-growing and most important sectors globally. It doesn’t only involve aircraft and travel but also opens wide doors for diverse employment opportunities in various fields, including aircraft design and manufacturing, maintenance, and air management.

The aviation sector is multifaceted, requiring specialized skills and competencies in its various aspects, contributing to building a bright professional future in the aviation and aerospace world. It includes key specializations such as:

  • Aviation management studies.
  • Aviation engineering.
  • Aviation training.
  • Pilot training.
  • Aviation sciences.
  • Civil aviation cabin services.



The best universities for studying aviation in Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, the University of Kyrenia stands out as one of the few universities that have incorporated into its academic structure a department for aviation and space sciences.

The University of Kyrenia is one of the best universities in offering specialized academic programs in aviation, not only in Turkish Cyprus but also globally.

There are other universities—besides the University of Kyrenia—that offer educational programs in aviation specialization, and students can choose among them.


University of Kyrenia | Best Universities in Northern Cyprus for Aviation Studies

The University of Kyrenia offers ambitious students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the specialties of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, after acquiring the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills through a 4-year English-language educational program.

The University of Kyrenia provides its students with many advantages, including comprehensive practical and theoretical training that helps students develop the necessary skills for success in this exceptional field.

The curricula in the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences at the University of Kyrenia have been carefully designed to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to meet the challenges of the modern job market in a rapidly evolving competitive world.

Aviation specialization curricula cover a variety of vital topics, such as environmental, economic, and health issues, as well as challenges related to energy, each helping students develop their skills to actively contribute to solving problems and dealing with modern and future challenges in the aviation sector.

The curricula of the Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences also include fundamental subjects such as physics, mathematics, and technology, which are important elements for understanding the fundamentals of aviation and its application.


Kyrenia University
Kyrenia University


Aviation tuition fees at the University of Kyrenia

The tuition fees for aviation studies at the University of Kyrenia vary depending on the specialization, as follows:

  • Enrollment in the bachelor’s program in Aviation Engineering at the University of Kyrenia requires tuition fees starting at 3,500 euros.
  • As for the bachelor’s program in Pilot Training for Professional Pilots, the tuition fees are estimated at 10,000 euros, plus 1825,500,000 euros for the cost of flight training for the year.
  • As for the tuition fees for the bachelor’s program in Aviation Management, they start at 2,800 euros.


Available Jobs for Graduates

Studying aviation opens numerous job opportunities for graduates, enabling them to work in aircraft manufacturing companies, as well as companies operating in the field of civil aviation.

Additionally, the income of engineers in the aviation field surpasses that of workers in other sectors, making aviation specialization an attractive destination for many students.


The Essential Documents Required for Studying Aviation in Northern Cyprus

  • Recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Valid passport copy.
  • Copy of high school diploma (Baccalaureate).
  • Transcript copy.
  • English language certificate (if available).


In conclusion

Studying aviation in Cyprus at Kyrenia University provides students with an exceptional opportunity to acquire comprehensive experiences, skills, and knowledge in various fields such as energy issues, environmental challenges, and aircraft maintenance; all of which are essential fundamentals in this field.

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