Many students are looking for student scholarships in Turkish Cyprus; because they dream of completing their university studies at one of the international Cypriot universities, but they are troubled by the issue of fees and tuition fees that must be paid every year.

Through this article presented by study more agency, we will show you some grants and discounts, so follow us.


Student scholarships in Turkish Cyprus offered by study more

If you are planning to study in Turkish Cyprus, then the scholarships offered by study more are your ideal opportunity to achieve your dreams, through:

  • We provide scholarships starting from 75% and 80%.
  • We offer full scholarships (100%) where the student pays the tuition fees for all years at once, as follows: instead of paying $3,000 per year, for example, the student pays $7,000 for all years. This is called buying a seat at the university with a 100% scholarship.
  • We offer full support for students through academic counseling, job placement, and healthcare support.
  • We also provide opportunities for students to participate in cultural, sports, and social activities.
  • In addition, we provide a 10% discount on program fees for siblings.
  • Furthermore, special discounts are available for some nationalities, such as Sudanese, Moroccan, and Lebanese students, in most Cypriot universities.


Student Scholarships in Turkish Cyprus
Student Scholarships in Turkish Cyprus


Do you need student scholarships in Turkish Cyprus?

There are different study options available at Turkish Cypriot universities, at a cost that varies depending on the program you choose, but you can expect that the cost of studying in Turkish Cyprus will be much lower compared to many other countries. Of course, accommodation and living costs are some of the basic expenses that you should take into account.

To reduce costs, you can consider many different options, such as regular teaching, distance learning, summer courses, and other available options. And remember that studying in Turkish Cyprus offers great opportunities to achieve your academic dreams, with a rich and cooperative university community, which guarantees you an exciting future.


Does obtaining a scholarship require additional registration documents or specific exams?

No, you do not need to take any tests or bring additional documents to apply for a scholarship at universities in Cyprus. Your basic registration documents are sufficient, which are your original certificate translated into English and a copy of your passport.

Finally, you may get a full or partial scholarship with us, so we are happy to contact us to show you the options we have, and the integrated services we offer, which start from free consultation to airport reception, and registration at the university.

In addition to a number of services that make your university study journey in Turkish Cyprus easier and more comfortable, so do not hesitate to benefit from what we have, as this is our goal.


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Sources: Turkpress + Wikipedia